Helping You
Stand Out

Hi, I’m Julianna.

A life lover with a passion to help bloggers and small entrepreneurs to STAND OUT strong by giving them an online presence that is uniquely them.


My Online Journey

Began in 2014 when I first discovered the ”magic” of internet marketing.

I’ve experienced all the highs and lows of making a full-time living from the ‘laptop-lifestyle’.

When I started my first blog I got surprised to find that I enjoy the technical side a lot more than I was expecting. After a couple of years, I was helping others to start a blog and earn from it.

I Am Passionate About

Web Design
Personal Development
Healthy Living

With so many years in this business, I developed a great passion for WordPress because of the freedom and creativity it offers to developers.

If you are struggling design an attractive design for your website, don’t worry.

I deliver an end-to-end service that includes everything you need to stand out online and make a difference.

I had previously been stuck with inner conflicts and struggled to find my real purpose in life, satisfaction, and happiness.

Later in my forties, I became more confident in my journey and I learned to grow more faith and discover my voice.

With my newly discovered self -worth and focus on value rather than validation, I have built my dream business, helping others create more happiness, personal power, and unstoppable success – both within themselves and in their businesses.

Healthy living is not only about better food choices and more exercise. It is about feeling healthy and happy.

It’s important to be mindful of the decisions you make each day, as they will affect your overall health and happiness.

I made various lifestyle changes, over the last few years which have significantly contributed to me feeling healthier, happier and more successful.

My Purpose & Mission

WordPress Design and Development for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Helping You Stand Out

WordPress Design and Development for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Impact More Lives

WordPress Design and Development for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Make a Difference

What I Am Offering

Unique Professional Web Design & Development.

Responsive Design to Enhance the User Experience for Mobile Devices.

Creative Clean Design Using the Latest Web Technology.

Easily and Quickly to Modify Your Website Content, Design, and Layout Without Any Coding Knowledge.

Web Testing and Quality Assurance Services.

SEO Friendly Website Design.

Eager to Get Started?

WordPress Design and Development for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Choose Your Online Business Model

WordPress Design and Development for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Create a Unique & Memorable Brand

WordPress Design and Development for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Use The Right Tools for Your Business

WordPress Design and Development for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

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Got a question?

This are the Most Frequently Questions I Get From You

All you need is a reliable Web-hosting platform and a domain name.

A WordPress theme is required for Starter Plan orders only.

Please check my recommended services.

I will guide you step-by-step in the process to make the right purchase.

You don’t need to make other investments when you first start.

I will show you how to launch your new blog/website on a very low budget.

As you’re business is growing, you can scale-up.

You do need a WordPress theme if you order the Starter Plan with my Blog Setup Service.

I am offering you FREE Premium WordPress theme with the Mega Plan if you are on a budget and you don’t mind having your blog setup on a pre-made WP theme.

For higher quality and unique design, I recommend the Super Boost Plan if you want to create a strong visual impact and Stand Out from your competition.

Please contact me if you need more info.

Yes. Please get in touch and let me understand your needs. I know the importance of having a blog that is well designed and I will be more than happy to help.

I want to assure you that your investment in my services is safe with me. You have my full support even after I create your blog or website. I will never leave you until you are happy and fully confident.

Yes. When you purchase one of my ”Super Boost” services, I’ll walk you through the steps of optimizing your blog for revenue generation and I will teach you all about blog monetization and how to make money online.

I will be happy to hear from you. Please get in touch and I will do my best to serve you.