What Is Bucket Brigade Copy-Writing Technique?

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Not many people know what the bucket brigade copy-writing technique is.

Are You Ready to Know?

I have just used a bucket brigade technique right here.

It’s a way to keep your reader engaged with the article and making them want to carry on reading.

It’s a phrase or question that often links two paragraphs together, simple to use, and very useful in the outcome.

There are many reasons why adding bucket brigade to your content:

  • Connects Paragraphs and Subjects;
  •  Improves SEO Ranking;
  •  Keeps Readers Engaged;
  •  Slashes Bounce Rate;
  •  Make Content Personal and Gives Emotional Touch.

What Phrases to Use?

Writing content and keeping the reader interested is a tough task.

How many times have you read halfway through something before switching off?

When including these techniques, it’s a psychological thing that your reader becomes intrigued by the answer by adding phrases or questions.

Common Phrases to Use When Writing Your Articles

  • As if that’s not enough;
  • Best of all;
  • There’s more;
  • Here’s the deal;
  • How can this help you;
  • Do you want the good news;
  • Think about it;
  • You think that’s impressive;
  • It gets better;
  • Are you eager for more?
  • Trust me. It’s easier than you think;
  • Ok, I know, I hear you;
  •  You may be wondering.

You Can Use It On Introductions

  • Do you know what it is…? ( I used this on the top of this article)
  • Would you like to know…?
  • How would you feel to know…?
  • Do you want to learn about it…?

You Can Use It in the Body of Your Text

You will find a lot of these phrases in my articles.

  • Are you ready?
  • Let’s see how it works:
  • Let’s do It!
  • Let me give you an example:
  • Are you eager to get started?
  • What’s next?
  • I am going to show you how…!
  • But wait!

Use Bucket Brigade Copy Writing Technique in the Summary

  • Let’s recap:
  • In conclusion:
  • Wrap it up!
  • Get started now!
  • Take action now!
  • So, the bottom line is…!
  • So now it is your turn.
  • Start by doing this now!
  • What do you need to do next?
  • The good news is that you have it all here…!

Are You Getting the Picture?

You ask your reader and then write the answer, thus keeping them engaged and wanting to read more.

The longer time a reader stays on your page, the lower your bounce rate becomes, and the higher chance of moving around your website to other pages.

You must ensure that your reader is fully satisfied when reaching your article’s end and feel he has answered his queries.

Think of it as eating a meal.

You don’t want to be still hungry when you have finished.

If your blogs or content are over 1000 words, you need to keep that engagement, and there is no better way than this technique.

How Can the Bucket Brigade Copy Writing Technique Improve Your Site Ranking?

Google loves quality, engaging content.

The better your content, the more time visitors spend on your pages, the higher you will rank.

It’s not just about including keywords and backlinks.

That method had sailed a long time ago.

Use It!

What’s Next?

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