7 Reasons to Start a Blog for Extra Income

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A blog is a fantastic tool you can use to launch an online business and create multiple income streams.

There are ‘N’ ways to earn from your blog and rich the desired financial freedom, but you must keep in mind that running a blog and make it work for you requires attention, commitment, and regular updates.

But, it is fun, creative, flexible, and depending on your vision, there are endless ways to make money from your blog.


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Q1: Is Blogging Still a Good Source of Income?

If you want your blog to make you money, you’ll need to treat it as a real business.

To work well and pay off, you’ll need some business tools and learn some new skills.

Treating it as a hobby won’t make you money.

Hobbies are for just for fun.

How much you will make is entirely dependent on your efforts and commitment.

Decide on your priorities, and your online business needs to go on the top of your list. 

Look at The Big Picture.

Once the hard part of building your business foundation (the right way) is done, your work will be much more relaxed and far more rewarding.

On the other hand, if you write about something you’re passionate about, you’ll never find it hard.

Q2: I Don’t Know Much About the Internet

Do not let that put you off; most people who use the internet have no idea how it works.

If you know where the keys on your keyboard are, how many sugars you have in your coffee, and whether you have a big enough supply of chocolate to get you through, you’ll be fine.

7 Reasons to Start a Blog for Extra Income

7 Reasons to Start a Blog

Reason #1.

Blogging is a powerful way to express yourself. It is the place where people find the real YOU.

Reason #2.

By starting a blog, you can share your valuable information by communicating with others less formally. You don’t need to use academic words to write your blog posts ( in fact, I advise you not to ). Being as natural as possible is the beauty of blogging.

Reason #3.

A blog is easier to manage compared to a standard website. Do not require HTML skills and is a fun play.

Reason #4.

You can play around and show your creativity as much as you like without doing any damages.

Reason #5.

It is the perfect connection with your readers directly through the communication of comments. Comments on your blog are valuable in Google’s eyes. With a regular website, you don’t get that benefit.

Reason #6.

Talking about Google rankings, a blog gives you constant new pages that search engines like Google love. It is an easy way to get regular search engine ranking benefits that websites often keep limiting. This is why most businesses incorporate a blog page within their main website.

Reason #7.

Last but not least: You can generate a sustainable income by doing this with passion and the right way.

Assuming you have a story in mind and feel ready to start your blog, let’s get all that scary techy stuff out of the way so you can relax and begin to write.

Here’s What You Need to Get Your Blogging Career Off the Ground

Find Your Niche – What Can You Blog About?

The topic you’ll choose to write about is called: “niche” in the internet marketing language.

If you decided to start a blog, you’d have to come up with a niche.

I know that you are excited and eager to start working on your blog as soon as possible.

It is effortless to pick a niche that you might think is profitable and make you lots of money just because you read some articles about people who are making a killing.

“Enthusiasm and passion play a crucial role in running your own business, and it is vital to have your homework done before you dive in.”


Q1: What Exactly Is A Niche?

A niche is an area of interest where people are searching online for solutions to specific problems.

So, you will need to know what you would love to blog about.

Q2: Can I Have A Blog Related To More Topics?

Yes, you can, but I don’t recommend it.

You will have to build a brand around the niche you pick. If you write about everything, it would be hard to identify as an expert.

You should find the best niche to identify with and then break it down into more categories.

From the start, I would recommend you focus on one topic, come up with 10-12 blog post headlines, and slowly as you expand, add more categories related to the main topic.

If you can’t come up with 10-12 blog post ideas, you will have to reconsider your niche as it might not be the right one.

All niches divide into sub-niches, and this is where I need you to focus.

No matter what area you choose to build your business in, you have to find a sub-niche with low competition, but that also has many people searching for it.

Please don’t make the same big mistake as I did and start a blog just for the sake of making money. It won’t work.

Choose something you enjoy talking about, and you can provide value, but at the same time, you need to make sure there is a paying market available too.

This will have to keep you excited for years. It is critical that you like to write about it.

Are You Eager to Start Your Blog?

Most people are scared off by the techy stuff of uploading to the world wide web and creating an online presence, but this is far easier than you think.

If you’re ready to take action but you don’t want to bother with all the technical side, let me help you. ”I WILL DESIGN YOUR DREAMS” to STAND OUT STRONG and never fear of your competition.

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